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Did you end up on this blog from some social media channel? Wondering what it’s all about? You’ve come to the right page, bunny.

Here’s what you’ll find as you flip the pages of this blog:

Writing: Where I spew a whole bunch of crap at you. I shall delight and astound you with the stories of everyday life, and the strange thoughts that clutter my head.

Make: I shied away from sharing art and craft projects previously, because I was nervous about losing readers who would be turned off by art and craft projects. But here’s the thing: shitwallops on that notion. Art and craft it up is what I like to say. I have so many projects for kids and for you to do on your own, that you will be occupied for ages.


Design: Oh, sweet lord. Good design makes me as happy as Jesse Pinkman when he was running away from his captors in the last episode of Breaking Bad. OMG *SPOILER ALERT*


Food: Only sometimes. I’m no food blogger, and really I mostly hate to cook, but sometimes when the mood strikes I like to take pretty pictures and share the recipe, especially if it’s either something really healthy and easy, or really decadent and sugary.

Blogging: I freaking LOVE blogging. Blogging goes so far beyond typing out a bunch of words, throwing in a photo and hitting publish. Did you ever have an ant farm?I did when I was a kid. I set it all up, so excited to prepare the most lovely new home for these little wonders of nature. I can’t remember how I lured the ants, probably with a bit of food into some sort of jar. Anyway, when I decided I had enough, I dumped them into the top of the ant farm and quickly slammed the top on. I ran inside and set it up on a side table next to my couch and stared. The ants dug tunnels! They were so wonderful. The tunnels spread out and seemed to organically grow across the window of the ant farm, and if I squinted my eyes it seemed as if the tunnels were digging themselves. Then I noticed the ants looked like they were coming together and hugging each other, as if in a grand celebration of their triumph at quickly carving out a whole new home. In reality, they were killing each other because I had captured a mix of red and black ants. Soon they were all dead and I had to go back to watching The Jetsons for entertainment. This is blogging: fascinating, unexpected, tunnelly, murderous, creative and I like to talk about it sometimes.


Humor: This is the category I will use when I am feeling in the mood to write such things as seen in my Lifewhack series. Prepare to roll your eyes at me several times with these posts. Or, if you laugh, let me know so I can send you a million dollars.

Spotlight: I enjoy being able to rave about something I love and make merciless fun of things I loathe. You won’t find me reviewing mops and Walmart, cause I don’t clean and Walmart kills me inside a little bit every time I walk in the joint. You will see me talking about things I love and maybe occasionally things I hate. You will see lots of art and craft materials and beautifully-designed products here as a way for me to pretend like I can buy every cool thing I see.



Now here’s how it’s all gonna go down, see:

I suck at self-promotion, and I even more suck at asking for help with anything. So. If you like what you see, please share it with other people who might find unbridled joy here, whether it’s via social media or email or pulling out your megaphone in church.

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