Sharpies and Kids Make Great Art

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Sharpies! They are one of my favorite art-making tools, and I know kids dig them, too. We are practically swimming in Sharpies around here of all colors and thicknesses. And they never fail to inspire someone to grab one and make some sort of permanent mark somewhere.

sharpie projects

Besides just doing some drawings, there are all sorts of ways to put your Sharpies to good use on various items. Take a gander..


sharpie eggs

From Alisa Burke– blown out, doodled Easter eggs. So cool.


sharpie lamborghini

George Ramos spent 2 weeks drawing on this Lamborghini. I think a great idea would be to encourage your kids to do the same to your car. Yes, definitely.


sharpie doily

Doily Stencil. The possibilities are endless here- you could make a pattern of these on white paper and paint over them, make some of these over a collage, stencil this onto the cool new jeans mom just bought you. Love it.


sharpie shoesSharpie shoe art. I think these are Keds? But I know there’s a big trend to decorate Toms and Vans shoes as well. Check out our Sharpie Shoes Project.


sharpie mag circles

Kathy Barbro from Art Projects for Kids came up with this awesome project using magazine circles and Sharpies. Click over for instructions.


sharpie tie dye shirt

Sharpie tie dye! Okay, if you’re shying away from the napkin tie dye project, use Sharpies and rubbing alcohol instead. Click photo for her tutorial. Heat set with an iron (or probably a dryer would work, too) after it’s completely dry and before washing.


sharpie mug

This technique is all over Pinterest: after your Sharpie masterpiece is complete, bake the mug at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Let it cool completely before washing. Actually, according to Abernathy Crafts, let it cool before taking out of the oven, because she said the mitt smeared the ink on the handle.

Tangle doodle– this is part one of someone (Robert’s Garden Diary) showing you how to do a Sharpie tangle doodle. It was interesting to watch the process, but I couldn’t bear to watch any more. I’m gonna go shove some Sharpies and paper at my 9 year old right now because she adores doing these sorts of drawings. Try doing this on watercolor paper with ink or paint washes over.

Remember my skateboard post?

sharpie skate board


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  1. says

    I really have to get a pack of the colorful ones! Some great ideas here! Love the collage! My kids like putting faces on balloons with Sharies.

    • says

      Oh, my…. I just discovered that we need to re-stock our Sharpie supply. They’ve been well-used. What is it about balloons and Sharpies? Whenever we have balloons in the house they get decorated immediately.

    • says

      Just. Sharpie. Can you imagine doing that? I think realistically I’d have the patience to do 1/16th of the car and then I would just scribble wildly over the rest of it. Especially a Lamborghini.

  2. says

    I can see my daughter loving the doily stencil on her jeans or plain shirts. And totally want to try both the shirt dyeing and the tangle doodle. It’s very similar to doodles I used to do as a kid/teen, but I LOVE the idea of doing it on watercolor and washing paint over it. I might try wax paper to make a window hanging!

  3. says

    My son is still too little to use sharpies…I am sure I would end up with one-of-a-kind sharpie decorated sofas.

    But I love em’. My husband, being so wonderful, recently came home with a big, colorful, package of sharpies for me out of the blue. This is his equivalent to a bouquet of flowers and so much better. He knows me so well!

    I am thinking I need to put them to use on that tie-die project!

  4. says

    Gret ideas! I nearly bought my daughter a pair of Keds this weekend and contemplated letting her decorate them. I think I may have to go back and get them now!

  5. says

    Jeanette I love this list. I am pinning this project this and hope it sends you lots of traffic! Can I make a suggestion? Make a the initial graphic say, “Sharpie projects to do with kids”? Then you will really attract the moms. Love your blog. New Twitter follower. Enjoy all your comment love.

  6. says

    This is so beautiful it almost hurts. I am wrapped up and inspired but stuck with a house full of lesser quality markers!!! Somehow it doesn’t seem possible for fuzzy tipped, previously-dipped-in-applesauce, crayola markers to create artwork this lovely. Also, tweens would be much more into Sharpie than crayola. Craft supply store added to the to do list today!

  7. says

    I confess I had no idea Sharpies were so versatile! This post makes me want to do Sharpie art! Great ideas!

  8. says

    Great idea for sharpies! My 11 year old is always wanting me to get them for her but honestly she leaves the lids off and then they are no good! But these are great ideas and she’s always trying to do something arts these days!

    Found you over at SITS Girls! Glad I found them and you!


  9. says

    Oh I love Sharpies! I have sets of markers all over the place. I especially love the top – never thought of that, and that car! I am pretty sure I would not decorate my car that way, but it is still very cool! Thanks for the inspiration and Happy SITS Day!

  10. says

    My kids love love love LOVE the sharpies…almost as much as my husband does:) Dozens of ways to use them..and most of these are new to me! Love the shoes! My 5 year old loves to draw on herself, so that just seems like a natural progression:) have a great one!

  11. says

    I am a mild sharpie-holic. I must own two dozen in various sizes and colours… Although my little lady is a bit too young to use them, I think Mama might have found some crafty ideas here 😉

  12. says

    these are awesome! the eggs are a great alternative to traditional dyed easter eggs, and the shoes are super cool and unique. I am scared of letting kids have sharpies though…isn’t your house covered in un-fixable marks?? hehe :)

    happy SITS day!

    • says

      My house is definitely covered in marks and splotches. I remember when my sis and I were kids, my mom gave up and let us have the dining room to completely color all over the walls. When we were older she finally painted over it all and turned it back into a proper dining room. Great memories.

  13. says

    I have to remind my kids to use something under their “sharpie” projects or I wind up with sharpie soaked into my wood table.

  14. says

    I really like the shoes! I won’t dare show my daughter this pics, she’d be a bit too inspired and may get herself in trouble drawing a picture on the wall just for Mommy. Uh…no! Happy SITS day SITStah.

  15. says

    What a great post!! I so love sharpies, I just have to wait until my daughter gets old enough to be able to use them.

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a wonderful SITS day!

  16. says

    What amazingly cool ideas!! I never would have thought you could do all of those things with a Sharpie!! I have to go out and buy more right now!!! Over from Sits, btw!

  17. says

    I love Sharpies! I actually asked for Sharpies for Christmas one year – I like to write with the extra fine ones. :) Happy SITS day.

  18. says

    Such great ideas!! I love the 80s Glam pack. I have to admit that I’m a little scare of letting my kids loose with the Sharpies. Maybe when they are a little older?

  19. Sandy says

    I teach art and I too love sharpies! Recently,I purchased the oil base sharpie paint pens for my students. The students used them on old vinyl records.I melted their records ( in the oven) into bowls. The sharpie withstands the heat. The how to create a record bowl can is demonstrated on you tube. Young children could easily create their own artwork. Melting the records into bowls is easy but should be done by an adult.

    • says

      Oh, wow! That sounds like such a great project. We’ll definitely have to try it, and it’ll be a good excuse to go comb through a thrift store for records. I can explain to my daughter just what records are. (Antiques!)

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