Kids’ Cool Coolness

I get weekly recommendations from Stumble Upon, and some of them are really really really cool, including The Cool Hunter.

It actually kept my interest long enough to scroll (slowly, even!) through both pages of beautifully designed spaces for kids.

These are some of my favorites:

playgroundThis may be the most wonderful playground in all the wide world.



This didn’t say where it was, but I know what it is: RAD.


This fabulous place is a bookstore in Beijing.


This is a private Kindergarten in Israel.


This reminds me of Star Trek, but it’s not even a spaceship. It’s a kid’s activity center in Paris.


This is a Swiss gym- it looks like one main wall and the ceiling are plywood, and the other wall is cement.


This is a freaking school in Switzerland. Designed by:

Graeme Mann & Patricia Capua Mann

This isn’t just any old molecule- it’s the Kids Sphere Hotel in Belgium.


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  1. Craftwhack says

    I saw that there was one space in Madison Square Garden- originally intended as an art installation. But I wasn't sure which of the photos on the blog were referring to it… I guess you'll just have to travel the world.

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