I’m One of Those Evil Pinterest Moms

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So. I guess there’s a big to-do happening all over the internet about Pinterest moms lately. I’ve heard the snarky comments about perfect birthday parties and homemade Valentines.



Nope. I’ll never do this, either. But isn’t it gorgeous? Source

Here’s my deal. I consider myself a Pinterest mom, because I’m one of those bloggers who enjoys making things with my kids and posting about them as ideas other people may want to try. I enjoy making the projects myself. I LOVE setting up the photos and finding the right light, the best angles, deciding which of the zillion pics I’ve taken will make the cut.

string egg craft from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Embroidery Thread Easter Eggs

It makes me feel amazing when someone tells me, Or better yet shows me that they have made my project with their kids. And I’m massively inspired by the other Pinterest moms out there. There are some awesome ideas and resources free for the collecting, right onto my Pinterest boards.

I know I won’t do most of these things with my kids, but I also know I’m not going to have the $6 million dollars worth of homes and fashion and items that I pin to my other boards. This is what Pinterest is: a collection area for things you like. And I like to collect things I like. Apparently some other people do, too, because Pinterest is a pretty big site.
Visit Tiny Rotten Peanuts’s profile on Pinterest.

Here’s what I do if I don’t like things I see on Pinterest: I unfollow that person or that particular board. Then, as if by magic, the pins I don’t want to see any more vanish from my stream. It’s awesome.

I have no interest in setting up a special outdoor learning environment, printing out chore charts, or throwing any sort of a homemade birthday party, but that doesn’t make me a bad parent. Nor do I feel threatened by people who want to do these things. They don’t care if I do these things or not- why should they? They’re just presenting these ideas for the people who ARE interested, and I’m assuming it’s without malicious intent. Although you never know.

Here is my unsolicited advice to anyone who is getting their panties in a bunch about Pinterest kid activities:

1. Don’t read about them.

2. Stay off Pinterest, or unfollow those boards/pinners.

3. Go get yourself some therapy if these sorts of things make you feel that insecure about yourself as a parent.

We aren’t trying to make anyone feel inferior. We’re not judging you if you want to ruin your kids’ futures and keep them from enriching their lives. (KIDDING! You sensitive sallies.)

Kid bloggers and Pinterest moms are the first to admit they aren’t perfect, but they are passionate about providing resources to other moms, caregivers, homeschoolers, and people who are looking for these ideas. And again, it’s FREE. Even if you don’t want to do these things with your kids at home, isn’t it cool that their teachers and caregivers have access to all of these ideas?

If none of this has lightened the mood a bit and convinced you we’re not out to prove our superiority, here’s a picture of what my kitchen counter looks like much of the time:


It’s because I choose to spend my time making and doing things I enjoy with my kids instead of keeping house.

We love you, non-Pinterest moms, and you’re fine just the way you are.

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  1. FavorBrave (Maria) says

    It’s seems these days people are completely incapable of having a sort of middle ground perspective on things, doesn’t it? You’re either with us or against us! I don’t have a blog yet…I’m on the cusp of creating one. I keep backing off for some reason. I’d say 90% of the time Pinterest makes me feel optimistic…like, oh look at all the pretty that is possible. On my bad days, when my kids fight non stop and I need to do the dishes (BADLY) Pinterest can make me feel pretty lame. But that’s not Pinterest’s fault or the bloggers fault. We’re all so worried about placing the blame for things anywhere but squarely on our own shoulders. You know what they say…..haters gonna hate.

    • says

      Oh, you are saying some really good stuff here. I think you hit it on the head with the whole ‘no middle ground perspective’. It’s kinda crazy. You know, I think on my bad kid-screaming yuck days, pretty much anything I do has the ability to make me feel worse. Oh yes, start a blog – I am such an enabler- blogging is so freaking much fun!

  2. Greta says

    I mean, it’s true. I do try to use some of the ideas I see, and I do pin things because they are just so darn gorgeous and maybe I can grab some inspiration from them even if my party will never look that good. My kids have fun anyway. :)

    • says

      Oh, it’s so funny how few of these pins we actually try- there are just FAR too many ideas out there and not enough time. My son prefers to play with his beat up old action figures anyway, and once in a while he’ll take part in a project I set up for him :)

  3. Lillian Connelly says

    I love this. I see people putting other people down for being crafty and it baffles me. We all like what we like. What’s the big deal? I spoke up for a crafty blogging friend of mine not to long ago when she was being put down by another blogger. I think it’s mean to put someone down for having a passion. We often get portrayed as having a”lot of free time on our hands” but seriously, we all have the same amount of time. Some of us just do crafts instead of cleaning out kitchen counters off. My counters often look the same way! ;)

    • says

      I guess it baffles us crafties, because it’s hard to believe why anyone would put down something that’s harmless and fun… but you know, there’ll always be people out there who just want to complain about other people for any old reason.

  4. says

    I don’t hate any of those “pinterest moms” but I do find myself from time to time feeling inadequate. For instance, I see so many pinterest posts that link to blog posts about activities moms do with their children. I try these activities with my son & he’s not interested in a single one. So I wonder if I’m doing something wrong as a parent. I also feel like the pinterest moms got it all together while I don’t. I’m trying not to compare myself to others but admittedly it’s an uphill battle for me.

    • says

      I totally hear what you’re saying. Honestly, a lot of bloggers come across as flawless and amazing. It’s funny, because with half the projects I do with my kids, either one or both are completely uninterested as well, and I end up finishing up the project myself… You’re totally doing nothing wrong. Your son will latch onto something you try with him one of these days, but it’s so cool to see what they gravitate toward doing on their own, anyway.

  5. says

    What? Do you mean Pinterest isn’t just for cute puppy pictures?
    I would have loved Pinterest when my kids were smaller as a resource for projects and such. Now, I mostly use it to find simple recipes and as a place to collect aspirations and inspirations.
    And for cute puppies.

    • says

      Cute puppies rule. That’s funny- I didn’t have it when Fen was little, but now that I have it for little Beckett, it’s a game changer- I guess Beckett will turn out MUCH better…

  6. Ana Dziengel says

    Gulity as charged on every level, I’m a Pinterest mom with a giant stack of dirty dishes in the sink. I couldn’t agree with you more on everything you said!!!!

  7. says

    I love it great post! That’s what my desk usually looks like too! If Pinterest upsets anyone then they have far too much time on their hands. :)

  8. says

    I’m totally out of the loop because I haven’t heard one word against Pinterest Moms. I love the stuff you pin mama. Those who don’t can bugger off.

  9. says

    I like Pinterest just fine, and even though I’ll probably not make any of the things I pin on there, I just like knowing they’re there. Pinterest moms can come to my house and make pandas out of my kids’ sandwiches anytime.

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