I Miss Moose and Zee

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I let my 2 year old watch TV. Go ahead, gasp. Really he’s just interested in Nick Jr, and I used to like watching it with him. It used to be awesome.

That was when they had Moose and Zee on in between shows. No ads. Moose and Zee led the kids in mini counting and alphabet games and we looked forward to seeing them.

moose and zee


And there was Jack’s Big Music Show.

Jack's Big Music Show

This was such a silly, funny show that fostered music learning and crazy-dancing in kids. The characters were wonderful, as were the sets. The colors and details in the sets were so fun and well-thought out. It was one of those shows that would easily distract me from whatever stupid parent thing I was doing because I really enjoyed watching it.

andrew bird on Jack's Big Music Show

Look! Andrew Bird played Dr. Strings on the show in 2007.


I really found no flaws with Nick Jr, and obviously a ton of other people feel the same- there are petitions and scathing articles and blog posts all over the place. Why? On March 1, Nick Jr. abruptly changed to a format completely saturated with Diego and Dora, no Moose and Zee, no more Jack’s, no more awesome graphics.

I would actually pause the TV sometimes to get a screen shot of a graphic or character I particularly liked- It was so cool to see a network that seemed to care about airing quality shows with really creative, beautiful design. And then it was gone.

(Forgive the next images. They’re iPhone photos of my TV.)


Look at these awesome illustrations!



I’m holding out hope that all the backlash will work and Nick Jr. will cave and bring back the quality.

Until then, I have my one DVR’ed episode of Jack’s Big Music Show to watch over and over and over again.

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  1. says

    WHAT?????? I didn’t know they’ve changed (we’ve recently switched over to PBS — my son is currently hooked on Arthur). Jack’s Big Music Show was my favorite — loved the groundhog episode (with Steve from Blue’s Clues and his band).

  2. says

    Oh no! I didn’t realize they changed! Remember when it was Noggin? Is this all part of being bought by Nick?! My 6 year old still loves Mouse and Zee – we LOVE that one song Mouse sings “Everywhere I go”. Terrible news. My husband has a no Dora policy if he is home (all that say it louder is so annoying)!

  3. says

    my daughter is only 9.5 months, but i have to admit nick jr. has been on at times. i liked moose and zee. now, the fresh beat band makes me all stabby!

  4. says

    Yeah- I remember Noggin and I got all confused with toddler cartoons this time around bc I kept looking for Noggin. Did you also notice that Dora’s head is 4 times larger than everybody else’s head, ever?

  5. says

    girl, that’s odd, because just yesterday my 3 yo was singing along with Moose A Moose. i have noticed there’s been a lot of deigo and dora, but we don’t really watch them much now that my kids are stuck on ummi zummi and bubble guppies. i do let the little one watch tv and i don’t feel guilty at all. lol. there are great learning shows though i will miss the moose a moose songs and art. my boy was singing with moose since he was one. i remember scouring the internet for a moose doll and in the end my then-tweens and i bought materials and made him one. it wasn’t the greatest, but he recognized moose right away and loved it.

  6. says

    Oh yes, Noggin! I remember when they changed it over to Nick Jr. for no reason in the world. I should have known they wouldn’t stop there.

    We have a “no Dora and no Diego” policy in my house. I just don’t trust those big heads.

  7. says

    We are avoiding all things Dora and Spongebob. Ick!
    Because we want to keep commercials away from our child as much as possible, the only TV he watches right now is on Netflix. The three shows we pick from are Sesame Street, Blues Clues, and Pocoyo. I think 3 shows to pick from are plenty for right now, but when he gets a a bit older I would let him have access to pretty much any PBS show he wants. (Even though I find a couple of them annoying.)

  8. says

    We watched a LOT of Noggin, the Nick Jr. channel when my kids were little. I remember Jack’s Big Music Show. Loved it. The slogan was like preschool on TV … well, that was a stretch, but the content was good. I’ll miss it too!

  9. says

    I super duper miss Moose and Zee and their great songs and graphics and Sal the Sanitation Bear and gah. All of them. Even that fire ant who was always having a birthday party.

  10. says

    Netflix is a good idea. I can’t help it, though. I love Spongebob a whole lot. Just watch out for Caillou. That show will kill you with the sound of whining.

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