How To Get Me To Call The Cops On You

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I am buzzing with adrenaline right now- the bad kind. I spend so much of my mental energy worrying about if the way I phrased something I said to my kids, or that second dessert I gave them last night will ruin them forever, and then something so atrocious happens.

Why does this happen? Why can people be fucking idiots sometimes?

I was getting Beckett in the car in the parking lot when I heard a happy little HI! As I was getting myself in the car, I saw a little girl roll down her minivan back window and wave to us, roll it back up, roll it down, roll it back up. So we were waving and saying hi. I looked up to smile at her mom, but there was no mom.

This little girl, who couldn’t have been more than about 5 or 6, was alone in her car, in a parking lot, and the car was running.

When something like that happens I get really confused. Like my brain can’t fathom it’s actually happening. So I just sat there for a bit, waiting. At the next window roll-down, I asked if she was alone. Yeah, but my mom’s coming out. 

I drive around the parking lot, position my car in a different place and wait for 10 minutes. No mom. I call 911. After 10 minutes of being on the phone with them, I see the officer pull up and go up to the van. I couldn’t see if she was talking to the girl, but after I see the mom finally come out, I drive away.

The officer called me a little bit later to get more information and told me there was a toddler in the car as well. The car that was running. Without a mom.

Forgive my judgmental preachiness right now, but if anyone reading this is stupid enough to leave your young kids alone in a car, you are an idiot, and I hope your kids grow up to be okay people despite you.

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  1. says

    BAHAHA, I’m still laughing from your records worst Memorial Day weekend dentist and 6’s fiasco! Sorry!! Oh Jean, you did the right thing! I once lost my s**t & did the same ‘stalking stand by parking trick’ on a woman who left her DOG in the car–IF I Ever saw someone leave their human CHILD: I think I would’ve been the one the Cops were ‘talking too’…accept I would’ve been “going for a ride downtown” … ;( Sorry but it’s true!

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