Cool Craft: String Easter Eggs

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string easter eggs from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Here is why you need to make string Easter eggs: they are messy, they take a long time to make, and the balloons make the coolest glass-breaking/creaky noises when you finally get to pop them. It’s SO satisfying.

Oh yeah, they’re also kinda cute, aren’t they?

string easter eggs - Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Here are the items required to make these, and the links will take you straight to Amazon:

Blow up some balloons with the pumper-upper, because your face will explode if you try to blow these suckers up with your breath.

Set up the ingenious drying rack I devised for the paper mache pencils project.  Or you can probably just set the eggs on wax paper after you wrap them, but it’s not nearly as fun as clothes pinning them to  a cooling rack.

Cut arm-lengths of embroidery floss- I used about 6-8 for each balloon.

Mix up a bowl of glue with enough water to make it, um, watery. But not too watery. You still want it sticky. Just runny enough to soak into the embroidery thread. Nebulous.

Take a piece of your thread and dunk it into the bowl of water glue, pressing it in all the way so that the whole length of the thread gets nice and saturated. Grab an end of the thread and wring it out between your fingers as you pull it from the bowl.

wrapping easter eggs

Now wrap it around the balloon, and follow suit with each piece of thread until it looks good to you. I clipped the balloon to the drying rack with a clothes pin in between wrapping. I also took a lunch break in between egg-wrapping, and ate a homemade version of a burrito bowl which wasn’t nearly as good as Chipotle’s.

drying string balloons

After a few hours, your string will have dried and you can pop the balloons. We had a very fun family few moments poking tacks into the balloons and watching/listening to them as they slowly deflated.

Now is the time to decide if you want to display your string eggs in a lovely cement bowl your husband has made, or tie embroidery thread to them and hang them from your Ikea light.

string egg craft from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

string easter eggs craft from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

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    • says

      I hate the plastic eggs, too. Oh, who am I kidding, I love those things and I love stuffing candy in them and mixing the colors of the tops and bottoms. Carry on.

      • says

        We actually have TWO (2) Ikeas near us. I try very hard to stay away because when I go there I tend to spend all our grocery money. I will accept your hand delivery, though.

        • says

          We live halfway in between two Ikeas as well. I can feel the energy pull from them at all times. I can hand-deliver your light, but you might have to prepare a large, delicious dinner for me…

  1. Gina says

    These are so pretty and I’m amazed when I see how easy they are to make! Thanks for the great tutorial and for sharing!

  2. says

    These eggs are wonderful!! I thought it would be difficult to take out the baloon but looks like they came out clean :)

  3. Bella@artclubblog says

    Love these! They look fabulous. But what I love even more, is the name of your blog. I’m sure there’s a great story to go with it :)

  4. Karen Attaway says

    Love your eggs. But when I tried it, they just collapsed after I popped the balloon. What did I do wrong?

    • says

      Oh no! The only things I can think of are that you need a ratio of more glue to water, they didn’t dry long enough, or maybe you used washable glue? I’m not sure if washable glue works or not…. If you have the energy to try them again, maybe make your glue-water mixture more gluey and less watery. Do you think any of these sound like what happened?

  5. loretta says

    Have you heard if this works with yarn? Do I need to leave more glue on the yarn since it is thinker? I have one tester drying right now, but thought I would check before I get too far into this!!


  6. Betty Johnson says

    will Elmer’s glue work when water is added? I tried one several months ago and it all stuck together into a ball when I popped the balloon!! :) love these! and really want to make several people one for this Easter!!
    Oh and WHY WATER balloons?

  7. says

    Yes to Elmer’s! Okay. Could you have popped the balloon too early? I’m picturing this caving in on itself if it’s not completely dry. Honestly, it took me a couple of tries before I got it right. But not so many to be frustrating. Oh- and I used water balloons just because of the size. You can blow up regular balloons, but they’ll be HUGE!!!

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