Bulbous Pencils: Paper Mache Goes Crazy

Paper Mache Pencil Project • Artchoo.com

Looking for the Paper Mache Pencil post? It’s moved over to Tiny Rotten Peanuts. Go thither and find it and make tons of paper mache pencils and then take pictures and show me!

Paper Mache Pencil Project • Artchoo.com


Materials: (linked materials will take you right to Amazon)



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    These are really so cool looking! Because you must wait you could also tack it on to a couple other more instantly gratifying projects.

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      Hi Phyllis- here’s the deal if you use a styrofoam ball- it will add more weight to the pencil! Plus, I think it would be really frustrating to try to keep the ball on top of the pencil as you were applying the paper mache. I’m sure there’s a way though, if you’re industrious… just make sure you lay on some extra layers of paper mache if you go this route, because you’ll need the extra strength of layers to keep the ball on top.

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    Geek thanks for this idea! Now, I’m trying to wrack my brain to think of another type of water balloon paper mâché kids art sculpture we could create! It’s a strange Long Weekend here in Canada and I’m looking for something DIFFERENT to do with the usual suspects …? Thanks Jean, Happy Weekend!

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