Aluminum Foil Sculpture!

I was watching the great and mighty television when what should appear but an ad for Reynolds’ Wrap. It was chock full of aluminum foil sculptures, and it reminded me of how we occasionally break into making cool things with foil.

foil creatures

foil guys


This is a GREAT way to keep your kids busy when you are making a delicious amazing dinner, (or slurping a glass of wine while you dial for pizza).

Fen made a foil-bead bracelet straight from the pages of Kid Made Modern,


I attempted to create a foil bird, but it ended up looking like a lumpy dinosaur. (No photo included.)



E cast his foot.


foil mask





foil spider


Foil is a diverse art medium. It’s not only sculptural, it’s great for drawing on, printing with, using as a painting surface…


…or just balling up and whipping at your brother.


Quick survey: Do you call it tin foil or aluminum foil?

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  1. Heidi Myers says

    LOVE these sculptures. So much fun!

    My default is tin foil. I’ll call it aluminum foil if I’m really paying attention to what I’m saying.

  2. says

    Trying to remember where I saw painting on foil recently… Very cool, I wonder if you use acrylic.

    I don’t ever remember telling my kids about “tin foil” as a sculpture medium, I think they figured it out on their own. They have made some pretty awesome blobs!

    Cool commercial and love the bracelet!

  3. Kirsten says

    I am so glad I discovered your site today… Subscribed to your RSS feed so I won’t miss anything. Brings me back to my youthful art days… And it’s always been aluminum foil, unless talking about making anti-alien hats.

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