paper popsicle craft

Giant Paper Popsicle Craft

Sweet, sweet middle of summer. When meals are regularly replaced with popsicles and ants swarm your countertops to vie for a taste of the sticky melted nectar. We here at Tiny Rotten Peanuts (actually, just me. I’m alone today. I have the WHOLE DAY TO MYSELF.) decided to create some giant paper popsicles because one of us… 

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Fashion Week at Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Who cares about Milan? Who needs Louboutins, REALLY? Isn’t fashion all about everyday people taking risks and expressing their creative quirks? Yes. This is why you wear your corset and nude pantyhose with little bootie socks and Moon Boots. This is your time to shine, honey. We celebrate all sorts of fashion choices around here, from countless… 

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dog running with ball


Seriously. Farmer. We had her put down Tuesday morning and every emotion known to man was in play around here. There were weepy tears, sad, resigned smiles, inappropriate laughter, so much gratitude for this animal that graced our family for 14 years and witnessed – oh, everything that happens in a family in 14 years…. 

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How to get rid of lice

How to Get Rid of Lice

So. Your kid has lice and you probably ran to Mr. Google and pounded in, “How to get rid of lice”. You are soooo lucky you found this page because I have been through this horrible predicament three times and since three is a magic number, I finally learned how not only to rid my… 

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How to make sidewalk paint

Embrace Your Inner Graffitist With This Sidewalk Paint Recipe

Hey hey, you crazy, creative, inspired monkey! How would you like to just go to town and paint all over your sidewalks? If you have kids you can pretend you’ve mixed the paint up for them, but we all know you secretly want to grab a brush or 5 and get to painting. I did…. 

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funny quote

Encouraging the Weirdness in Your Kids

Once when Christian and Erik and I were watching a movie from the 1930′s on the idiot box, we weren’t even aware of the change taking place in Erik. The phraseology form the movie was seeping into his impressionable young brain, but didn’t make it’s way out of his mouth until that evening. 3 hours after the movie… 

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