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As of Late

Here’s my random post of what’s been going on around Casa Tiny Rotten Peanuts. You shall be enthralled, I’m sure, by the time you get to the end of the post. Mesmerized, even. 1. Most importantly, we scored a new puppy. It only looks like a fancy designer model, but it’s really a rescue pup….

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A Whole World Full of Color

Thank you to Post-it Brand, one of my favorite companies in the world, for sponsoring this post! Quick! Tell me how many pads of Post-it® Notes you have all around your house, hiding in drawers, stuck all over surfaces, reminding you of little things and making you the ultimate in productivity. Now tell me: is this nearly enough…

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air dry clay bowls

Sweet Little Air Dry Clay Bowls

Little tiny bowls are indispensable, oui? You need them for: change, bobby pins, rings, dusty potpourri, paperclips, beads, fake nails, earrings, teeny tiny baubles…. So let’s get our hands dirty (just a little!) and make our own simple little bauble bowls. Materials Air Dry Clay – (This is one of those items I get so excited…

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On Raising a Creative, Dreamy Child

I’m an easygoing person. Sometimes to the point where I’m sure people want to slap me to see if there’s anything going on inside, but I’ll consider this a positive thing. Lots of noise, lots of people, lots of chatter, lots of questions are all things that stress me out beyond belief and shut me…

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Easy Zentangle Project!

Quick and Easy Tangle Drawing

I wanted to come up with a quicker and easier version of my circle Zentangle project, because sometimes you just want quick tangling. Like a tangle fix during your lunch hour. Or for your children when they’re about to explode and they need to calm their spastic selves down a bit. Here it is! You…

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Oh, Sweet Spring, Come Hither

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and All You®, or Real Simple® but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #SpringintoMeTime How desperate am I for Spring? We had a long, cold, painful Winter, and each year I go into major hibernation mode, slowly growing…

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41 Crafts for Boys. No Girls Allowed!

Hahahaha, how mad did that make some of you that I so brazenly excluded girls from these crafts? What I’m doing here is rounding up a bunch of crafts that would appeal to my son and step son based on what their interests are/have been. I know that girls will like doing these, too, or maybe some boys would…

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Easy Notan project - you just need paper, scissors, glue!

Easy Notan Paper Project

Notan is the coolest. Have you tried it? Have you seen it? Do you want to marry it? Cause I do. The symmetry, the paper, the simplicity- all make me stoopid-happy, so I made some Notan in bright colors and nearly fainted I loved it so. Technically I suppose this isn’t Notan since Notan has to do…

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Anxiety! Depression! All the thoughts and feelings!

My Head, My Meds

I wrote about my eye tic the other week, but then got to thinking about how it’s not exactly an eye tic, but more like an anxiety by-product. As it happened, I had a doctor’s appointment a few days later and she asked if I wanted to try a mild anti-anxiety med that’s designed to work right…

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roundup of awesome kids wall art

More Cool Kid Wall Art

I got some more kid wall art for you to regard. Wall art for kids is one of those areas of decorating where I have such a hard time choosing. I’ll fall madly in love with one piece- until I spy the next piece. I’d put every one of these in my kids’ rooms in…

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rainbow stamp

Make a Cutie Little Rainbow Stamp

Fen and I were playing around with painting little rainbows yesterday. We got all reckless with our rainbow colors, brazenly challenging science, and we felt pretty good about ourselves. Rainbows are fun to draw from scratch, but I wanted to make a rainbow stamp skeleton to use quickly to experiment with color combinations. Colors are…

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goldfish in a bag

Lifewhack: How to Volunteer in Your Child’s Classroom

Yes, doing anything social in public prompts me to have to write about my experiences, but not actual experiences. I always imagine the funniest-case-scenarios when I’m in any situation and it’s really hard for me to keep from bursting out laughing at terribly inappropriate times. The cool thing about volunteering in a kindergarten classroom is that you’re…

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Scribble creatures!

Simple as Pie Scribble Creatures

Sometimes (usually) the easy projects are the best. Grab yourself a marker and some paper and get ready to have a creative half hour. Or a half hour of quiet as your kids have a half hour of creativity. Step one: Scribble. Step two: Make creatures. Boom. Pow. Scribble Creatures. Now that you’re all excited about…

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