DIY cute birdseed feeders

DIY Hanging Bird Treats

I’ve given up on my yard. We’re moving at some point in the next year (it’s been pushed back for a bit), and I could really care less about keeping up the appearance of this rental house. It’s ugly as sin anyway, and I’d rather spend my energy on other things for now: -Practicing my…

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DIY some cool journal covers • Tiny Rotten Peanuts

DIY Journal Covers

It doesn’t get much easier if you want to make your own journal covers. You just need 2 pens, a journal or 10, a little time, a great podcast (I highly recommend The Unmistakable Creative and The Accidental Creative), and of course some snax. While you wear your slax. These are the fax. (See what…

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Taking a booze break

On Cutting Out Booze

I have a complicated relationship with alcohol. I don’t feel I am addicted to it, but I do think my nightly wine consumption is something I need to investigate. I think my problem is more that I am addicted to beverages in general. I need to have something to drink with me at all times….

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Give Yourself a Hug

Thanks to Minute Maid® for partnering with me on this post. What if I told you there was a way you could immediately feel better about yourself as a parent? You could shed all doubts and traces of ‘parent guilt’, and realize that you are actually doing a fantastic (and appreciated) job as a parent,…

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delicious pesto pasta salad

Make and Scarf Down A Pesto Pasta Salad

As I kid, I was all about peanut butter and jelly sammiches. Now that I’m a completely mature grown-up, I tend toward salads of all kinds. Grains, greens, veggies, nuts- throw a bunch of crap together, and I’m all over that lunch. What is it that is so satisfying about soups and salads? They’re potpourris…

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Make your mail beautiful!

Texting is so Over – Send Really Cool Mail.

I don’t send mail all that often, and I was sitting around the other day, pondering whether or not I should revive the lost art of letter-writing in my house. Of course the answer to that should always be a resounding ‘yes’. I struggle with trying to keep myself off the computer, so I’ve recently taken up…

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organizing kids' art supplies

How to: Creative Kid Art Spaces

“What if we put as much emphasis on art supplies and creative tools as we do on toys?” My favorite quote from Megan Schiller’s book, The New Playroom, and an idea I’m totally on board with. I’ve pouted and whined a lot about how kids are not getting enough art in schools, but many aren’t getting much…

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Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.24.29 AM

My Latest Loves

My latest loves are these. And I feel the need to share them with you, because true love should be spread around like the twinkly, breathtaking enchantment it is. I’ll begin with my very favorite. Christian is probably getting tired of hearing me tell him how much I love my wallet. In fact, he may be…

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Cool craft: DIY string bowls

Cool Craft: DIY String Bowls

Crafty collaboration alert! Okay, you guys. This is how my mind works: Maggy from Red Ted Art invited a group of bloggers to each do a post on a basic craft, and we’d all support each other, share each others’ crafts, etc. So immediately I FREAKED OUT, obsessing over which craft to do- Is it crafty…

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Screenshot 2015-04-24 11.12.20

Some Items That Have Happened

Sometimes I feel embarrassed to tell people about what is going on in my life, because it is usually over the top. I don’t want to come across as a dysfunctional family like those so popular on prime time TV these-a-days. I certainly don’t want to be pitied or gossiped about. And I desperately yearn for…

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The Negroni

Summer Cocktail: the Fabulous Negroni

The thing about cocktails is this: they’re very personal. For instance, I loathe Cosmopolitans, but I secretly adore chocolate martinis. Regular martinis make me want to retch (literally), but Manhattans. Mmmmm yum. And then there’s the Negroni. My word, have you ever tasted one? When I first locked lips with a Negroni it was immediate love….

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World's Smallest Letter by Leafcutter Designs

World’s Smallest Letter From Leafcutter Designs

I received a small package in the mail. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know when. I tore into the damn envelope and pulled out the tiniest glassine envelope, complete with tantalizing wax stamp. I squinted through the envelope, trying to make out what was written inside, but it was TOO SMALL. Then…

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