How To Visit a Museum

I’m going to begin a cutey little catchy theme called, Lifewhack! I have mounds of extremely helpful knowledge to share with all of you, and I simply cannot keep it contained any longer. First up, in the wake of visiting MOMA in NY, I will educate you in the fine art of experiencing fine art…. 

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staple art project for kids

Easy Art Project: Staple Art for Kids

Sometimes, those crazy kids come up with their own cool art projects. Usually they’re pretty simple, but capture attention enough so that they spend a while – or even a few days- making lots of the project they have discovered. Enter: staple art. When Fen was 6, she had a love affair with her stapler…. 

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It came to $6.66

Fen had her BFFFFFF sleep over Friday night, and they looked so cute Saturday morning when I peeked in at them all curled up and intertwined with legs and pillows. I actually made chocolate chip pancakes for everyone, and I’m really not a pancake mom, so this was a big awesome deal for me. I… 

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blind contour drawing

Blind Contour Drawing

There is a simple yet powerful little exercise that artists of all ages can adopt to help train their eyes. It is called blind contour drawing and it’s fantastic. All you need is paper and a pencil or pen (or marker or your finger dipped in pudding- anything that makes a mark.) Directions: Look at… 

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How to Transcend Your Stupid Life Through Meditation

image source Did you guys have a great Presidents Day? I hope you got everything you asked for. We had a load of fun not doing anything presidential, but we did eat ice cream and go to the orthodontist and walk to the park. Don’t I sound like the perfect mom? Yes. It’s true, I… 

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Making soap with kids •

Making Soap With Kids

  We made soap! I was given a soap mold and soap base to play with from UK company, with the instructions to “be as creative as you like”… YES! I wanted to keep it fairly simple for our first foray into soap-making, so really all we did was submerge some dinosaurs. I mean,… 

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baby comparison

My Son Has a Pea Head

The moment you become a parent, you learn that it is a contest. No, scratch that. The contest begins when you are pregnant, so by the time you actually have the kid you should be pretty comfortable with competitive comparisons. One of the worst is when you go for your baby’s well visits and the… 

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