Mixed Animals

Spotlight: Huzi Mixed Animals

 I love this toy. It’s so funny, and it’s such a simple idea, executed beautifully. How many times do your kids get to play with a toy that’s actually really well made and thought out and DESIGNED instead of slapped together by a corporation and rolled out to supposedly promote creativity or learning in your…

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The Evolving Creative Christmas Table

I was going to write this post a year ago, because that is when it took place. Then Christmas got in the way, as it tends to do sometimes, and the photos sat in my iPhoto until I rediscovered them this year. (I got 5 minutes into trying to clean up my photos and was…

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Spiffy Holiday PJ’s

You walk into Kmart and are drawn magnetically to a certain area in the store. You start walking in that direction, unsure where your legs will take you. After you pause for a moment to chat with the big Adam Levine face, you continue on your journey. You’ve been given the opportunity through Joe Boxer…

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Target is so smart- they're cart drink holders double as glamorous bracelets.

Dear Diary #1

Deyur Diary, First of all, Oh My God, Fuck You. Sorry about that- I’m so premenstrual right now my eyes are about liquify and ooze out onto my feet and my body is threatening to implode down into a speck of terror. In any event, we’ve been cooped up in the house for the past…

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DIY sugar scrub recipe

Make The Easiest DIY Gift Ever- Sugar Scrub

I don’t know about you guys, but the second Winter weather blows into town my skin dries up and cracks, I look like a 90 year old woman, and I m forced to stash hand lotions and Chap Sticks in various secret locations all over my house and car. Our skin is our body’s first line…

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Make a Little Gift Card Holder Right Now!

Raise your hands if you like to buy gift cards for people because they are wonderful and amazing and so easy and everybody likes gift cards. Raise your hand if you don’t want to spend $3 on a gift card holder because even though it’s cute, that’s ridiculous. Let’s DIY our gift card holders in…

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DIY clay pendant texture necklaces - great kid holiday gift!

DIY Texture Clay Pendants

  I’m attempting to post 5 DIY projects this week as ideas for DIY holiday gifts. We’ll see if I make it through all 5, but my intentions are good and Holy Christmas, I’ll do my best. This first project is super duper easy and the best part of making these pendants is exploring what the…

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We Are Breezing Through the Holidays Without Spending a Dime

Okay, maybe we’ll spend a few dimes. But we have decided to not buy everyone cars and ponies this year. (Sorry, kids.) Christian and I are very mindful of how much we spend around Christmastime, mostly because we know what it’s like to have ZERO MONEY. It’s been 5 years since we lost our jobs and our house,…

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DIY Snowflake Wrapping Paper

I was shooting the breeze with my fellow Rockin’ Art Moms, and we were all, “What up, ladies, why don’t we get all ho-ho-holiday festive this year and collaborate on a post?” And then we were all like, “Yo, what kind of post?” And then the smart Rockin’ Art Mom said, “Girls, we are so rockin’,…

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Some things that have been happening lately in the world of Tiny Rotten Peanuts are as follows. 1. I dyed the ends of Fen’s hair cobalt blue. It felt simultaneously trashy and exhilarating, and she loves it. My little art child; I’m just hoping she doesn’t think this is the precursor to a pierced face. There’s something…

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A Little Gratitude Check-in

Sigh. I suppose it’s time to write about gratitude. Haven’t been diving into a lot of writing lately on my blog, because I’ve been so caught up in doing gift guides and tutorials- there’s something easy about writing these, even though they take a ton of time. The easiness comes from the fact that I…

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dyed pasta art

Spotlight: 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

If you are drowning in Pinterest boards for kids’ activities, you might yearn to have them all in one place. I’m like this for recipes and kid stuff. I love my pin boards, but I equally love having the tactility and simplicity of flipping through a book for ideas. It’s not even a nostalgic thing, because I…

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