Bullseye Zentangle Project - It's actually totally easy, even though it looks hard

How to Make a Cool Bullseye Tangle Drawing

Here’s a quick post about how to make a bullseye tangle (Zentangle ®) drawing. It’s more of a technique, really. It’s so easy and is based on the idea of mandalas, but without all the mathy rules that mandalas seem to have. I love how contained the bullseye looks with the tangling inside, and you…

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Stripes! Stripes! More Stripes!

It’s true love. My heartbeat quickens, knees weaken, my eyeballs go all squinty and shoot lasers. Wait- that doesn’t happen to you when you’re in love? And no, I’m not talking about Christian. I’m talking stripes. Stripes are the best of the best, the greatest of the great, the fabulest of the faboo. I guess…

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Tombow Markers Review


  Are you as crazy as I am about researching items you’re planning on buying? Isn’t it fantastic that we can get real, live peoples’ experiences and opinions about anything you can think of? I feel weird buying almost anything without seeing what other people think about it. Plus, I get super opinionated about things I buy, and I like to…

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Op Art Spheres Drawing Project

Cool Op Art Sphere Drawings

You very well may have seen these pop art spheres before, because they’re cool and they’re all over the old Pinterest. But they’re also the sort of project you can’t just look at and move on. They MUST BE TRIED. And try them I did. And they are every bit as fun to draw as…

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rubber band snap painting

Action Art: Rubber Band Snap Painting

Rubber Band snap painting is crazy fun. And messy- if you’re not in the mood for mess, step back for a day and do something else. This project gets paint all over the place. I had it on my glasses and shirt and face when I went to pick up Fen from Archery class, and…

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Easy drawing game using household objects

Easy Drawing Game: Household Object Drawing Prompts

What do you do when you can’t bring yourself to cook dinner, so you’ve already decided it’s going to be a cereal night, you feel a little uninspired, and your kids are rabid with not being used to the free time of summer vacation yet? I’ll tell ya. Pour those Fruity Pebbles in the bowls,…

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3 Picture Books Creative Parents Will Adore

I pick books for Beckett by the cover. If they aren’t pretty, we don’t get them. HOW SHALLOW AM I? I can’t help it- I love a beautifully-illustrated picture book, and I found 3 of them recently that all sort of magically fell into the category of, “help your kids to think about creating and…

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Doin’ Good- Dad Version

Remember my Doin’ Good post at Mother’s Day, where I posted a video and you all watched it and got happy-weepy and then realized you were amazing moms? Well here’s the dad version- thanks to Minute Maid®. As moms, we’re (I’m) all obsessed with mom guilt, convinced we are permanently ruining our children and paving the…

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Free coloring sheet

TONS of Coloring Pages For Adults

So much time I spent on my belly as a child, on the cool linoleum of the kitchen floor, probably right under my mom as she cooked dinner. No doubt I had been horsing around as my kids do now, sticking dirty fingers in prepped food, or spastically jumping around the kitchen. Then my mom most…

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Update on My Alcohol Hiatus

Were you all holding your collective breaths waiting to see how I fared on my 2-week alcohol break? Before I let you know if I made it or not, I’ll tell you a little story. When Christian was going through his alcohol rehab, I would join him and his fellow drunkards once a week for…

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