Spotlight: A Place For A Single Almond

Do you all know Miranda July? She’s this weird and cool artist/filmmaker who keeps popping up in my consciousness every few years and I forget to keep up with what she’s doing, but then when I hear or read about something she’s working on, I’m always in love. Her latest thing is the Miranda bag collection, which contains a…

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31 drawings project from TinyRottenPeanuts.com

31 Drawings: Day 20

Hello, Mr. Rooster. I love using old book pages as a first layer for drawings, because they instantly fill up the space and sort of “dirty up” the blankness of the white paper so it’s not so empty and intimidating. Try it out! It’s a great way to get kids drawing, too. We all know…

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easy art project - watercolor and pencil

31 Drawings: Day 19

Back with some more liquid watercolor! This was a piece of paper I had kept from a long ago kid watercolor project because I liked the purple and yellow together, and figured I might use it in a future project. So I drew a bunch of obsessive little circles all over it and called it…

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encaustic and oil pastel on paper - 31 drawings project from TinyRottenPeanuts.com

31 Drawings: Day 18

HA HA! Just when you thought I was finished with encaustics, I hit you with this one. Damn, these things are hard to photograph. The wax gives them this weird sheen, and it’s hard to get them in focus because the surfaces are weird an magical. Anyway, This one is paper soaked in wax and…

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Encaustic on paper - 31 drawings for the month of October from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

31 Drawings: Day 17

Today’s drawing is another encaustic. I soaked the paper in the waxy goodness, let it dry and cool, then drew on it with oil marker.

encaustic drawing on paper • TinyRottenPeanuts.com

31 Drawings: Day 16

I’m over the hump! Officially more than halfway through my 31 day drawing challenge, and you know what? It feels a little like this has become a part of my every day routine. I know they say it takes about 2 weeks to form a habit- while this doesn’t exactly feel like a habit, it…

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Blogging Tools and Resources For You

It occurred to me some time ago that I have been blogging for 7 years, and that makes me a blogging genius. Actually, I know some people who have been blogging for a year or 2 who are killing it, with zillions of rabid fans and traffic coming out of their eyeholes, and they are…

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alphabet drawing - easy art project

31 Drawings: Day 14

I love this drawing. It was so fun to make- the letters are messy because I obviously do not know how to use a stencil, but I stenciled letters all over the cotton pickin’ place, and then used watercolor crayons on a few of them. Have you used watercolor crayons? It’s nice to have the…

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Art project - based on William Wegman's new kids' books Flo and Wendell • TinyRottenPeanuts.com

A Project to Accompany William Wegman’s New Book

I got an email out of the blue from one of William Wegman’s studio assistants, asking if I’d like to write a post about William Wegman’s new book. “You bet your ass I do”, I replied. Only I didn’t really use those words, because I’m much too refined and polite. In any event, I must…

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Chal pastel rainbow patchwork drawing

31 Drawings: Day 13

I felt like drawing a blur of colors, so I grabbed the chalk pastels, rubbed them on in a rainbow patchwork, and blended the edges together with my fingers. Then, because it’s nearly impossible to not do so, I blew the loose pastel dust all over the place and it was messy and wonderful all…

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8 Bad Smells and 3 Good Ones

I like the smell of cow poo I don’t mind the odor of skunk. Patchouli-soaked hippies Don’t put me in a funk. But some smells that go wafting Around through the air Offend me quite deeply And cause me despair. 1. Gasoline. The rest of my family enjoys this scent, and they all look like crazy…

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