DIY Snowflake Wrapping Paper

I was shooting the breeze with my fellow Rockin’ Art Moms, and we were all, “What up, ladies, why don’t we get all ho-ho-holiday festive this year and collaborate on a post?” And then we were all like, “Yo, what kind of post?” And then the smart Rockin’ Art Mom said, “Girls, we are so rockin’,…

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Some things that have been happening lately in the world of Tiny Rotten Peanuts are as follows. 1. I dyed the ends of Fen’s hair cobalt blue. It felt simultaneously trashy and exhilarating, and she loves it. My little art child; I’m just hoping she doesn’t think this is the precursor to a pierced face. There’s something…

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A Little Gratitude Check-in

Sigh. I suppose it’s time to write about gratitude. Haven’t been diving into a lot of writing lately on my blog, because I’ve been so caught up in doing gift guides and tutorials- there’s something easy about writing these, even though they take a ton of time. The easiness comes from the fact that I…

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dyed pasta art

Spotlight: 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

If you are drowning in Pinterest boards for kids’ activities, you might yearn to have them all in one place. I’m like this for recipes and kid stuff. I love my pin boards, but I equally love having the tactility and simplicity of flipping through a book for ideas. It’s not even a nostalgic thing, because I…

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DIY Ugly Christmas sweater

Best DIY Idea of the Season: Make Your Own Ugly Sweater

I received product and payment via The Blueprint Social  for this post, however, opinions are 100% my own. Oh, the ugly Christmas sweater. I didn’t really know it was so popular until my step daughter started sporting some last year. She’s got a knack for finding some really good ones. Since then, I’ve seen ugly…

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15 DIY gift ideas - great for holiday

15 DIY Holiday Gifts: Get Your Hands Moving

DIY holiday gifts are totally the way to go with kids. I mean, most people want something thoughtful and handmade from kids. If you don’t have your own kids and you get something handmade, you can tack it up on your cube wall at work and totally show it off. If you DO have kids and…

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Gifts to Help Along Those New Years Resolutions

Oh yes you did! You promised your sister you’d run that 5k with her and now you’re all planning how healthy and awesome you’ll both be in the new year, and you’re throwing around words like “kale”, “hamstrings”, “personal trainer”. I would love it if someone gifted me a personal trainer session or 3. Or…

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client gift ideas

Unique Client Gifts

Oh. Em. Gee. Christian owns a commercial photo studio, and he has clients. Those clients give him business and they deserve to have the coolest gifts ever sent to them at Christmastime, because as they look at those cool gifts all year long, they will be reminded of the amazing work Christian and his partner…

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Coolest science and math toys for kids

Math Toys and Science Toys

I know it’s hard to believe, since I come across as dumber than dirt, but I was something of a math whiz as a kid. Perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit, but I actually sort of liked math, and I certainly appreciated a good hearty round of Spirograph. Science, not so much. I think our school was on…

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Gifts to steal from loved ones.

Gifts to STEAL From Loved Ones

This may have been my favorite gift post to write, because I got to virtually shop for myself. I basically just looked at everything on the internet and chose what I want. That’s the easiest way to buy things for people that you want to steal later, in case you were wondering. I especially like…

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tacky Christmas gift ideas

Oh, So Tacky Christmas Gifts

Are you yearning for the tackiest Christmas ever? So were Mia and I. Tacky is fun, and there’s certainly plenty of it out there to go around, so we thought we’d have fun with this gift guide and go on a tacky gift bender. Of course I had to throw in a few ugly Christmas…

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