Zentangle patterns and printable tangle starter pages

Zentangle Patterns and Starter Pages

  I’ve got TWO things for you today! Seen above is a free page of Zentangle patterns for your downloading and printing pleasure. As seen below, I have designed some completely awesome tangle starter pages. Yep, I have officially jumped into the role of powerful business magnate with the opening of my new shop. I’m starting with Zentangle starter… 

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This Weekend I’m Learning About White Space

Oh, goodness. I’m on my last day of Alt for Everyone- an online blogging conference put on by Altitude Summit, and my brain is mush. I still have 2 classes left to go as I type this, and if I weren’t in the library, I would be in my cozy jammies in bed with soothing… 

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How to Speak Like a Classic Film Star

I wrote about the funny phrase from a 30’s movie that found it’s way into Erik’s brain and out his mouth when he was a younger lad, and thought that you might want to adopt some of these phrases into your everyday vocabulary. Tell me if I’m wrong, but you look exactly like the sort of lady that… 

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Using natural light in photography #photography #bloggingtips

Killer Blog Photography: 3 Great Tips For Lighting

Let me start by saying that I know nothing about studio lighting. When I worked as a photo stylist, I would set up the pretty pictures and sit idly by, filing my nails and smacking my gum as the photographers worked their magic. Still, I can tell a beautifully lit photo from a poorly lit… 

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20 Yummiest Fall Snacks to Put in Your Belly

Fall is the time to start snacking non-stop, in a whole-hearted attempt to pack on that hibernation weight. Stash away some cash for bigger clothes, start planning which movies you want to eyeball, renew your magazine subscriptions and plan your pinning strategy, because this roundup of Fall snacks is going to make you want to hide… 

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Craftsy vs. Creative Bug: Which Classes to Take

I want to sit around all the day long, learning and making items and playing with art materials and just reveling in the creative blaze that occurs when stuff is strewn all across the table and anything goes. Um, do you want to join me? Actually, I keep wanting to host crafting nights at my house… 

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Make: Color Theory Playdough

We make play dough from time to time – honestly I probably make it a whole lot more because it seems to be THE thing to do now amongst kid bloggers. And there’s a reason- It’s easy as hell to make and it provides endless opportunities for your kids to use their imaginations and get… 

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figure drawing

I Was a Nekkid Model

Some of my friends during college posed for a figure drawing group. In the buff. They were paid $10/hour, which in 1992 was a lot of money- more than you could make in the school office making copies. Plus, it was something new to try that would have shocked my parents if I told them about it. The… 

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papers from Mulberry paper- great paper resource

Spotlight: Mulberry Paper

Do you hear angels sing when you are in the presence of beautiful paper? Do you lovingly stroke it and think of all the fabtastic things you could make with it – why not even wallpaper your entire house with cool papers? Yes, this is me, too. I was looking for papers to do Encaustic with… 

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DIY surprise balls for Halloween

Your Kids Need DIY Halloween Surprise Balls

Surprise! It’s a ball of streamers with little treasures tucked in here and there. And kids LOVE them. When I was a wee lass, my mom would command my dad to bring home surprise balls from FAO Shwartz when he went to NYC on business trips. She would then save them until Christmas, and my… 

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How to blog.

What I Learned From a Month off of Blogging

It was tumultuous. It was crazy and my mind was fuzzy and my eyes were picking up my blinky anxiety tics that I get when I’m overwhelmed and confused. Yes, I have blinky tics. You have permission to totally make fun of me. So I decided to give myself a sabbatical from blogging, and it… 

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