Scribble creatures!

Simple as Pie Scribble Creatures

Sometimes (usually) the easy projects are the best. Grab yourself a marker and some paper and get ready to have a creative half hour. Or a half hour of quiet as your kids have a half hour of creativity. Step one: Scribble. Step two: Make creatures. Boom. Pow. Scribble Creatures. Now that you’re all excited about…

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Free coloring pages- made on the HP Sprout from

Cool Coloring Sheets Made on the Sprout

Thank you to HP for sponsoring this post! I have coloring sheets for you! I’ve been wanting to make coloring sheets forever, and I didn’t know how, really, apart from just drawing them, but I wanted to be able to start from a point that wasn’t a blank piece of paper. While I was messing…

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funny tweets

11 More Funny Tweets

It’s time for us all to roll on the floor laughing our respective asses off. I can’t believe how happy Twitter makes me on a daily basis, and here are some gems of hilarious tweets that I have found so that you can leave all your woes behind for a few minutes.   It’s me…

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How to make your own font from your handwriting- so cool.

Make a Font Out of Your Handwriting, WHAT???

One day Christian casually showed me this set of black magnets with white words on them that he had for the drawers of his big metal tool chest. I immediately exploded into a cacophony of questions, and although I was simultaneously wondering if I was being annoying, I couldn’t stop, “Did you make these? Where’d…

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Purple: A craft and a snack at

All About Purple: A Craft and a Smoothie

Isn’t purple a sumptuous color? Juicy and saturated and reminds us all of Prince. Or Barney. Whichever the case, purple is where it’s at. That’s why we joined in on a really cool rainbow project with some really cool bloggers. Yep, a rainbow project! Each of us has chosen a color for a snack and a…

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How to Pick Out a Barf Bucket

Recently we outgrew our barf bucket. Rather, it was used one too many times and it was time to retire it to the landfill and purchase a new one. You do have a barf bucket, don’t you? I’m going to go ahead and refer to it as a puke bucket now- alliteration be damned; I…

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25 Awesome Boy Bedroom Ideas -

25 So Cool Boys Room Ideas

One of my favorite pinboards is my Kids’ Rooms board. It is a constant source of inspiration, and one of the reasons I am most excited to move into a new house. I cannot WAIT to tackle 2 fresh, new kid rooms. Actually, I’m sure I won’t have much of a say in my 12…

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Hilarious Magazine Face Collages

One of the funniest art projects in all the land is to take a pile of fashion magazines, some scissors, a glue stick, and a stack of paper and get to collaging. We’re not talking serious collaging, though. We’re getting all surreal and silly. When you flip through the pages of women’s magazines and really take…

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salt glue art project

The Artful Year • A Book Review

When Jean from The Artful Parent decided it would be permissible for me to take a peek at her book and be a part of the official blog tour to help launch the book, I was super excited. I have been admiring Jean and her blog from afar for some time, but I finally got the chance…

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Spotlight on: Mr. Rocketlegs

Many of you will know of Christian, my heroic and manly husband. He makes lots of stuff, and I like to share it on social media a bunch. He has an Etsy store that he has been selling creepy baby doll head sculptures on, and if you haven’t read some of the stories to go…

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Super-cute little embroidered hearts on jean s- DIY on Tiny Rotten Peanuts.

Surprise Embroidered Hearts

I love the look of embroidery, and I suck at it, but it still manages to look cute even if it's not perfect. So I like to embroider-bomb Fen's jeans sometimes. Not that often, because that would be creepy. But I am keeping this in my arsenal for when she starts to get all moody and full...

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The Eye Tic

I hold 100% of my stress in my head. The jaws clench, the neck muscles tense, the mouth doesn’t stay pursed only by sheer will. My eyes! My eyes frustrate me to no end. The weird blinking patterns I endure/cause/loathe and don’t fully understand, bring me even more stress. Ironic, since that stress filters back into my eyes…

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