The Eye Tic

I hold 100% of my stress in my head. The jaws clench, the neck muscles tense, the mouth doesn’t stay pursed only by sheer will. My eyes! My eyes frustrate me to no end. The weird blinking patterns I endure/cause/loathe and don’t fully understand, bring me even more stress. Ironic, since that stress filters back into my eyes…

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Skeletony’s Triumphant Reemergence

Did you become insanely attached to stuffed animals or dolls when you were a kid? I didn’t. The end. Just kidding- I really didn’t, but the greatest thing in my life was being included and swept up in the insane imagination of my sister as she planned and directed our play episodes. They always included…

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Happy Handmade cover - one of the coolest kid craft books I've seen.

Best Kids’ Craft Book Ever

Oh my freaking word. I was just sent a copy of this new craft book for kids to review and I can’t even believe how in love with it I am. Besides the fact that it is packed full of projects from my favorite kid craft blogs, it is laid out so gorgeously, and I…

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Watercolor resist heart with tangling on top

Watercolor Resist 3 Ways

It should not come as a surprise that I love watercolor projects. Watercolor is an amazing paint for kids and adults to pick up easily and experiment with and get really cool results. It dries quickly so you don't have to wait long to add to it, it revives immediately with water when it dries...

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7 easy and fun ways to get kids thinking creatively (not necessarily making more art, just looking at the world in a fresh way.

7 Creativity Prompts for Kids

I’m thrilled to be including this post as a part of the Happy New Year, Healthy Kids series Can we all agree that kids are inherently creative little beasts? Yes, I think we can. Because they are, and they’re cute, too. And funny. Kids are funny. Anyway, since I like kids and I like creativity, and…

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10 Great Ideas for Your Next Glitter Bomb

Christian sent me an article on a group that will glitter bomb someone you hate. You just pay them to do the nasty deed, and they do it. And you get all nervous and spit-giggly and wring your hands in anticipation. Of course the real badass thing to do would be to glitter bomb them yourself…

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funny tweets

11 Tweets That Made Me Laughy

I have a special place in my heart and my day for sidling up to Twitter and reading down the list I have made of funny tweeters. I know they’re especially good when I am compelled to read them out loud to Christian and we sit there clutching our sides, guffawing our brains out. Instead…

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Pimp Your Sketchbook Cover

Starting a new sketchbook is like having a baby. You want to make your mark on it, and jump in and see what it's all about, but you don't want to overwhelm it and smother it in your impatience to make it shine. I'm just jokin'. That was a TERRIBLE analogy. But starting a sketchbook...

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Creative Bug classs

Take a Sketchbook Class With Me!

  Two things I’ve come to realize over the past year are that my obsession with my blog borders on unhealthy, and my parent guilt is annoying. Every minute of every day has me thinking about, tweaking, working on my blog, and sometimes I have to put my laptop in a separate room to keep me from…

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Learn to make an origami heart envelope for secret notes or to use as a valentine envelope

Super Secret Origami Heart Envelopes

I asked Fen a few weeks ago if she and her friends passed notes in school. I was met with the most puzzled look- bordering on- pity? Disgust? Of course they didn't. Then I made her listen to all the sorts of notes my friends and I used to write, and how we tried to...

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