avocado yogurt dip - much healthier alternative to mayo dips

Avocado Yogurt Dip

I come from a mayonnaise family. My dad slathers approximately half of an entire container of mayonnaise on his sammiches, and it’s been a long running joke between my sister and me. I’ve never seen anyone abuse the substance to such an extent, and mayonnaise played a major role in my mom’s cooking all throughout…

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Cool Art Project for Kids: Thumbprint Self Portrait

Such a cool project. I first saw this thumbprint self-portrait project here and pinned it for later, because that’s what we do, right, ladies? I love the double self portrait aspect of it, in that each kid is writing about themselves as they trace the lines of their fingerprint. It’s symbolic, and ultra personalized. Fen…

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31 drawings- day 23. Yarn drawing! #drawingprojects #art

31 Drawings: Day 23

Look how yarny-crafty I got with this drawing! I sort of hate it. It reminds me of the 70’s. But it was still fun to do- you just draw on the paper with a bottle of glue and lay the yarn down as you go.

Watercolor crayon resist drawing • Tiny Rotten Peanuts

31 Drawings: Day 22

Classic crayon resist with watercolor on top and a TON of salt sprinkled all over. I haven’t cracked the code yet about salt and watercolor. Sometimes it looks cooler than other times- I think you have to sprinkle it on when the watercolor is fresh and wet, and this dried for a split second while…

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31 Drawings: Day 21

This is the day of my drawing challenge where I officially cop out and post this action, courtesy of my beloved PicMonkey:


Spotlight: A Place For A Single Almond

Do you all know Miranda July? She’s this weird and cool artist/filmmaker who keeps popping up in my consciousness every few years and I forget to keep up with what she’s doing, but then when I hear or read about something she’s working on, I’m always in love. Her latest thing is the Miranda bag collection, which contains a…

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