Flour. She ate flour.

When Doing the Right Thing Leaves you Feeling Terrible

We saw the flash of a brindle dog shooting across the street and down the park path. Christian and I were driving home from Target, juuuuust about to turn into our driveway. It made me happy how happy the dog looked to be full-out running and free. I laughed and enjoyed. Christian is the grownup…

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Cool pointillism DIY project

Art Technique: Pointillism

Have you ever pointilled? Pointed? Pointillised? I learned about this technique in high school when I chose to make an entire 18×24″ pointillism drawing of the crotch of some man wearing jeans that I found in a magazine. The, um, folds of the jeans were perfect for this technique. Side note: isn’t ‘crotch’ one of…

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3 Creative Books With Which to Fall Madly in Love

I go through book phases. Sometimes I’m all about them, sometimes I burn them in a pile in the back yard. Especially the ones that talk about topics I don’t agree with. Good old book-burnings are what I’m all about. Actually, my relationship with books has changed somewhat, as I read word-based books on my iPhone,…

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printmaking with foam!

Love This Printmaking Technique: Foam Shapes

I first did a foam sticker printmaking project a while back, and it was the bomb. THE BOMB! So fun and easy. Naturally, I decided to explore this technique a little more, and this time it was the mega-bomb. You guys need to try this if you haven’t already. Did I mention it’s easy? This…

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The Pencil Playbook!

The Pencil Playbook and How You Can Win a Copy!

I’m officially smitten with activity books for adults. The coloring pages for adults are fun and all, but sometimes you want to go a step further and work from some drawing prompts. I was sent a copy of Ana Montiel’s new book, The Pencil Playbook, cracked it open, and got to drawing. I was extra…

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Really cute personalized school labels

5 Cool Things: Back to School Stuff

Back to school shopping starts for me in July, and keeps going well through September. It’s an epic event, and I accidentally end up buying myself new office supplies as well, because of all the organizing and planning and things and stuff to do. So even though you may have the basics bought for your…

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Giant process art for tweens

Giant Process Art for Tweens

Little kids aren’t the only weirdos who like to make process art. Big kids are all about getting messy, playing with paint, pushing art materials across a surface, and not worrying about the outcome. After all, they’re at the age where they start to refer to themselves as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ artists, and neither one of these…

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Pesto deviled eggs recipe yummmmm

Devilishly Delightful Pesto Deviled Eggs

Warning: This post will be full of egg photos, from before they are even boiled, all the way through to the final product. I LOVE egg photos. I love those little oval fellas. Look- here’s the first photo, where different colors of eggs are living together in harmony, and the world is a perfect, peaceful…

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Lately: Total Terror and a Polite Dog

I haven’t felt such mind-numbing terror in my entire life. I willed myself to stay calm, to make my entire body go slack. My eyes stayed clamped shut and I waited, knowing it would end in a second. It would end when I shot out of the opening…of… the WATER SLIDE. Oh. My. God. What has happened…

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Light drawing in a photo is easy and super addictive

Photo Technique: Light Painting

Have you heard of photography as ‘painting with light’? It was a joke amongst the photographers when I worked at a commercial photo studio- some would refer to their photos as ‘light paintings’. We all got a good chuckle out of that. With this impromptu project, you can paint (or draw?) with light using your…

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Dots coloring page- part of a new coloring book for adults ebook

Awesome New Coloring Pages for Adults

Are you digging the coloring pages for adults that are popping up everywhere? I am. I love when adults feel the need to kick back and get creative, no matter how talented they feel they are. My Zentangle posts are some of my most popular, which shows me that tons of adults (and teens) are…

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Bullseye Zentangle Project - It's actually totally easy, even though it looks hard

How to Make a Cool Bullseye Tangle Drawing

Here’s a quick post about how to make a bullseye tangle (Zentangle ®) drawing. It’s more of a technique, really. It’s so easy and is based on the idea of mandalas, but without all the mathy rules that mandalas seem to have. I love how contained the bullseye looks with the tangling inside, and you…

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